Friday, November 4, 2011

Got Self-Esteem? Day 2

Okay now that we have been shyly gazing at our mirrors, it is time to move on to the next step because it is going to take time to bring out that girl you see in the mirror. So I urge you to write a love letter to yourself, as a friend. Pretend you are your own friend for the night. And YOU need a pick me up! What are you going to say?

Here's a draft of what you could write.

Dear Roxxi,

Don't you dare let anyone bring you down. You are on the path to recovery and need all the assurance you can get. Listening to them only brings you back further from the girl you want to be. I know you can be her. You have it in you. Your smile,
your eyes,
the way you light up when you're happy is
all the proof you need.
Don't let anyone take that away from you
my queen. Think of Esther (check the movie One Night With The King), her poise and beauty come from within. Look inside and find it. You are beautiful, smart, and caring. If you ever feel like you are not good enough, look inside and see that you are perfect just the way you are. No more hating on yourself now. God made you you because He loves you and that's proof enough right there that you are worth every penny in the world. So who says you aren't pretty, perfect, or worth it? Who cares?! Point is you are those thing and more!

<3 always me