Welcome to the Girl With The Wind Diaries!

Yes, this is reference to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. I figured if I can be just as headstrong and have a passion for living like Scarlett O' Hara why not have a blog to voice my own opinions?

My current job is a full-time student working on my masters in Media Studies and expecting to graduate soon.

Down-to-earth like a bookworm. Happy like a song. Dreamer like the clouds. Hoping one day to be a good filter in the advertising world for young girls and women alike. 

One day, I'll be the voice heard around the world. Until then, I'll have this blog. 

Here's a little something to remember from little Miss Mitchell herself.

"The strength of women's hands isn't worth anything but what they've got in their heads will carry them as far as they need to go."
 -Margaret Mitchell