Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Got Self-Esteem? Day 1

So recently I have been thinking about my future and how I can almost touch it with my fingertips, I can sense the opportunities ahead of me already.

I am so blessed.

I want be a human as I can when I get the job I want. And by human, I mean, I want to be an observer and learn about people and different cultures. That's the secret to living a good and prosperous life. By understanding the world around you become to feel little in the sense that you realize you are a part of something big and wonderful. In order for me to become an observer of the world, I must first observe myself and who I am before placing any personating opinion out there for people to read, more dangerously, for it to live on its own.

I need to repair this broken mirror in front of me so I can get a better look at the girl who shattered its pieces because she LET someone tell her "who she is."

I am a girl with low self-esteem, there I ADMIT IT. I think what hurts worse is the blow I get when I imagine myself as I should be, the real me. That girl would laugh at me and pat my back with a reassuring smile. That girl is bold,beautiful, confident,
courageous, and boy is she
smart! The kind of girl that leaves an impression in the room when she walks out.

After picking up some shattered pieces I can see that girl. I just need time to repair these self-inflicted wounds so that I can understand who I am about to become and wear it confidently with a wink and a smile.

I believe the first step to any girl, who wants to find themselves, is to look in the mirror.
Search deep for that girl inside you.
You know who you want to be.
Put those shattered pieces of glass together that YOU knocked down because you accepted the insults from other people. Once you set that goal of who you want to be…the pieces will be easier to put together.