Friday, April 11, 2014

How to De-Stress Your Life

Managing a stressful life can be…well… stressful. Life is notorious for changing winds in the opposite direction and making you fumble trying to change course. 

Fortunately, there IS a silver-lining to managing stress. All it takes is some positive thoughts and a bit of organization and, -- VOILA, you will find yourself feeling better and possibly sleeping better (if stress keeps you up at night).

First of all, let’s break up stress into two categories. One: tasks you need to do. Two: things that are bothering you. 

The first category often has you waking up in cold sweat because you forgot to do pay a bill. The second category leaves you restless because they often are external factors which cause you stress. Keep in mind, because there are external factors, they are out of your control like someone saying negative things about you. When you start sorting what stresses you have, you can then start de-stressing yourself by asking yourself if you can fix it. 

For the first category, ask yourself:
  1. What are the things I need to do?
  2. What are my deadlines?
  3. Which things are more important?

Once you start sorting these things out, you can start de-stressing yourself by accomplishing the most important tasks first and following up the easier tasks. Do this by making a journal or writing in your planner of what you need to accomplish. Make sure you give yourself an appropriate amount of time to accomplish the things on your list. Soon, you should start feeling a less heavy of a weight bearing down on your shoulders because you have it written down and planned on what you need to do. Just don’t forget executing your plans. ;)

Now for the second category, it depends on you and your outlook on life.
When there are external stressors putting weight in your life, it may feel like things are out of control. And in a way, it can be because these external pressures are often out of your control. It is then up to you to look at these pressures and practice three things:
  1. Be more understanding. 
    • Let’s face it, some people will never change. Accept the fact that they won’t. Trying to hold on to an image that you want of someone to be won’t make your life easier. Once you let that image go, you’ll become more understanding of the situation. And don’t try to play the judge & jury, some people are the way they are for their own internal and external reasons that you might not be aware of. 
  2. Practice positive thinking.
    • This is pretty obvious but the best of us do need to remind ourselves to think positively. Try imagining a situation with a different positive outlook over and over again. Ever notice how when your brain is hard-wired to thinking of a negative outlook, negative things come out? Reverse the role, and let positive things come out.
  3. Be grateful. 
    • Our lives, however stressful they may be, may still better than someone else. So the next time you’re complaining about not having a second vehicle or second house, just remember there are people who would gladly take what you have in your life and be grateful to have it. 

Overall, it’s important to remember that stress is all conceived, created, and concluded just by little ole you. You have the power to change the course of wind if you sort out your stresses and give them the conclusion you want.