Thursday, June 27, 2013

American Girl, Molly McIntire Retires at Age 9

It is so disappointing to come to the realization that the time you've spent believing in something so much isn't what you expected. I guess it is all apart of life, to grow out of being naive.

Some of you know of my love for American Girl. I started investing time and research into creating a capstone for my masters this fall on the American Girl company. I feel discouraged and disheartened to know that the doll that inspired me to fall in love with American Girl will no longer be produced.American Girl announced the heartbreaking news on their Facebook today. Molly McIntire is one of the first three dolls produced by Pleasant Company (now owned by Mattel) in 1986. She will now join the other two dolls and be retired permanently.

I have never owned Molly as a doll because she was too expensive. But I did read her stories. Her stories touched me and stayed with me forever as a young girl. Knowing that I could of been able to purchase the doll later for my future daughter brought hope that I could continue the legacy of love I have for Molly to another generation. Now, that dream, that wish, will NEVER happen. It just breaks my heart.

Sorry American Girl, I do not think I want to work for you anymore. You are just a company out to seek a profit instead of touching the young girls' lives before you. I thought you were different. But like I experienced with Barbie, all my investment turned out disappointing. Thanks a lot Mattel. You made a fool of me.