Saturday, February 9, 2013

Facebook Users Beware: Your future depends on it.

I, you, we... all need to keep a conscious mind and soul handy when we post status updates and photos. I'm starting to believe that the value of fast communication through social media networks is being undervalued each time someone posts something that is a little too personal. Do they actually think people care about what they had for dinner, why they are just so upset today (for the millionth time), or how they look in the morning and on the way to school?

To me, social media networks are a way to share information valued information with a little personal touch. Wow us with the use our latest technology by sharing IMPORTANT issues. I DO NOT CARE about how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend. Don't they have a phone? Why not send them a personal message? Better yet, write them a letter. Why is there a need to show off how "wonderful" your relationship is?

Maybe social media has gone to our heads. We seem to think all our thoughts are diamonds and should be valued by the community. I assure you, you are contributing nothing to society when you continuously post meaningless stuff.

Even psychologists believe that people who post the "meaningless stuff" are actually looking for reassurance from their surrounding community. They want a sense of entitlement. Now, that I can understand. When you post something you DO want people to notice, but people need to realize it is OKAY if you do not have 30 "likes". It does not mean your valued information is any less valuable.

This part is my favorite, psychologists also believe when it comes to religion, it is better to keep it private. I'm pretty sure God does not have Facebook because He does not need to "friend" you to know who you are off of Facebook. I'm not saying to ignore God and not have him in your life. My point is, shouldn't it be obvious if you are a child of God by your actions and your words in your everyday life choices or habits?

So play nice. Even though it is "yours", your Facebook is NOT personal and you should treat it as such. The internet is permanent so beware of what you post and how it may be considered offensive to others.

If that does not help, try looking it at a professional stance. Professionals are looking at potential employees by checking out profiles. On the contrary, professionals may think it funny if you do not have a Facebook. Oh the drama. Check out the article from Mashable here.

So if you are feeling a little "dirty," plug in your Facebook to the app here to clean it up. The "FaceWash" app goes through all posts looking for keywords that could be harmful to your professional image.

I'm stepping off my soapbox now and am cleaning up my social media image. If you want to know the real me, let's actually talk.